Purchasing your home is one of the most exciting events to experience!

Now that you’ve decided owning a home is for you, here are a few key points to consider:

Choosing The Right Area:

  • “Location, Location, Location!” Does this sound familiar? The search for your dream home starts in the right location! Eric Johnson offers 15+ years of experience and insight to some of the best locations around the Dallas/ Ft. Worth metroplex!

Knowing Your Budget:

  • We all know homes cost a-lot of money, but it is a true investment. Eric is not only here to help you find the right home, but will partner with you through the financing process as well. We partner with you from start to finish.
  • Not sure what your buying power is? Feel free to use the mortgage calculator at and get a feel for what your mortgage payments will look like.
  • Need a professional opinion? Eric Johnson knows some of the top mortgage professionals in the Dallas/ Ft. Worth metroplex with proven success.
  • Let’s talk about your specific needs and find the right mortgage option for you!

Prioritize Wants vs. Needs:

  • Budgeting does not always mean that you have to compromise on what you want! But it certainly helps to have a list of features you want vs. need when deciding on a home purchase.
  • Can’t live without energy efficiency or a three car garage? Make sure it’s on the top of the list. Reserve the last few items on the list for features you are unsure about.
  • In today’s Real Estate market with low interest rates and great deals, “WANTS” are turning more and more into “REALITIES”!