Eric Johnson markets your home aggressively through 21st Century Technology!

While advertising your home, Eric utilizes three strategic approaches in order to get his sellers the most exposure possible:

James Hurt & Company (Broker):

  • Eric Johnson works with one of Dallas/ Ft. Worth most elite Real Estate Broker’s.  This allows him to advertise and showcase listings in the Dallas/ Ft Worth metroplex and all of North Texas.
  • We use the most advanced technology and statistical information for sellers to lead them into the new era of Real Estate.

Online Search Engine Optimization:

  • At Johnson & Johnson Real Estate, we truly take Real Estate into the 21st Century! We have an abundance of technology at our fingertips.  We also know how to harness those opportunities and turn them into real results.
  • Eric Johnson is a Certified Realtor, therefor he will be able to host your listings on nationally accredited sites such as, Realtor.comTrulia, and Zillow. This allows for people nationally and internationally to have access to your listings.
  • We will also feature your listing in the MLS (Multiple Listings System). This means your home will be syndicated to thousands of real estate websites taping into the MLS.
  • We are no stranger to social media either! We will post links on Google +TwitterFacebook and Linkedin to allow maximum exposure for your listing.

Back to the Basics:

  • By his very nature, Eric Johnson is a people person. His most proven marketing tactics occur off the web, Face to Face. He takes pride and strives to know every customer wants vs. needs.  So when a listing comes on the market, Eric can match it up with a buyer he might already have in his clientele list!
  • Eric sends out marketing material such as post-cards, videos and any information he feels necessary that will influence a buyer’s interest in making a decision.